Past & Upcoming Concerts

Eatnemen Vuelie

Eatnemen Vuelie (Song of the Earth), is based on Norwegian composer Frode Fjellheim’s piece which combines Saami yoiking with the Norwegian hymn, Deilig er Jorden (Wonderful is the Earth). The interchange of the lyrics in the climax envisions the cooperation between two cultures coexisting in one land as they share the common goal of earth’s sustainability with humility and reciprocity. This piece is arranged/composed and conducted by Yoomi Kim.

Sotto Voce by Yao Chen

Performed with Clara Novakova on Saturday March 9th (2019) @ Phillip T. Young Recital Hall.  

This piece contextualizes “Sotto Voce” through various textures and melodic heterophony within a highly dramatic form. Sotto Voce is taking place between flute and piano, between two hands of the pianist, between the flute sound and the humming of the flutist, and between the harmonic consonance and dissonance.

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